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Lithographic and digital printing individual, business and educational market.

We have over 35 years’ experience, working closely with clients of every description: individuals, start-up businesses and long established international organisations.


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No bleed has been added to this artwork - crop marks (black lines) have been added correctly. A white border might be visible once trimmed.


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01249 657290

Bleed has been added incorrectly - the file has been stretched to make 3mm bleed (the logo and text has moved closer to the edge of the page and is in danger of being trimmed off, or giving the impression of falling off the page)

Crop marks and 3mm bleed has been added correctly, the logo and text is in the same position as example one. The artwork is ready to go to print.

Please use these 3 simple checks to supply us with print ready artwork

Supplying print ready artwork to us

Trim Line

Business cards is not to scale

Make sure crop marks (3mm offset) and 3mm bleed has been added to your file (if your print goes to the edge of the page) Please see the examples below.


Please ensure all fonts have been embedded or are outlined. (If you have problems embedding please convert your text to outlines before making a pdf)


For your file to print at the right quality please make sure your files are set to 300dpi (please do not upscale the artwork to 300dpi)


Please use these steps to supply us with high quality images

Supplying images to us

There are two image qualities:

Screen quality which looks fine on your monitor which will show it at 72dpi, will look pixellated when printed.

Print quality is 300dpi.

Most images will be in jpg format which are raster images, which varies in quality depending on the size it is printed out at.

For example if you have an image that is 300dpi and is 100mm x 70mm, if you enlarge the image to 200mm x 150mm this image will now become 150dpi (changing the dpi to 300dpi will increase the file size but not the quality)

Avoid using web graphics, clip art and social media images.

These may look fine on screen but these will be 72dpi and will look poor when printed.

Also the more you enlarge an image or graphic the worse it will look.

Your original images or stock images from online sources such as Shutterstock or Fotolia




The image on the left is at 100% - 72dpi where as the same image on the right at 100% is 300dpi.

Common printing sizes







A3 Poster - trim size 420 x 297mm - bleed 426 x 303mm

A4 Letterhead - trim size 297 x 210mm - bleed 303 x 216mm

A5 Leaflet - trim size 210 x 148.5mm - bleed 216 x 154.5mm

A6 Postcard - trim size 148.5 x 105mm - bleed 154.5 x 111mm

DL Compliments Slip - trim size 210 x 99mm - bleed 216 x 105mm

BC Business Card - trim size 86 x 54mm - bleed 92 x 60mm